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Tri-Cities Wa, Party People

Need pictures of you being playful and having fun.

The Party
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For the girls & guys in the Tri-Cities Wa area who like to have lots of fun and party,and those who are looking for those girls,this is your place,and what ever happens happens.

Post pictures of any thing you want, when you join send a pic of what you look like,and write a brief description of what makes you hot, and what you would be willing to try if someone asked you to.
Only open minded couples and single people may apply to this...
Rules may include (but are not limited to)
1) No jealousy.
2) If you are with someone please make sure they know what you are doing.
3) No pictures of anyone else without their permission,or any pics that may be trade marked etc...
4)This is not a rating community,if you don't like what you see...don't look,if you can't say something nice,just shut up.
5)No sick crap (example:please no pics of anyone under 18,necrophilia or bestiality etc...)thank you.
6)The Moderators reserve the right to delete any posts or comments that they believe are in poor taste or otherwise unacceptable.

Promoting is not required,but appreciated,this is for fun,lets keep a safe and drama free community.