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The Sexual Etiquette Test
You and your partner have just had an incredible night out together. You get home, and they give you the best oral sex of your life. You're exhausted, but they want you to reciprocate. Do you pull through for them?

yes no

Do you tell intimate details of your sex life to your friends?

yes no

You just had sex with a new partner and when you dispose of the condom, you notice it is broken. Do you tell your partner?

yes no

You're having a strictly sexual relationship, and they have made it clear that they don't want you having sex with other people. You don't want to be exclusive with them. Do you:
Explain to them the situation and find a way to work it out.
Break it off with them with no explanation.
Go and do what and whom you want and lie about it.

You had sex with someone with whom you have a lot of mutual friends. You agree not to say anything to anyone about it. Do you:
Tell a few close friends.
Stick to the agreement and not tell anyone about it.
Tell anyone who will listen.

Do you feel that safe sex is your responsibility in all situations?

yes no

Does "no" always mean "no"?

yes no

Do you discuss sex ahead of time, rather than just go with the moment?

yes no

Do you press your partner for explicit details about their sexual past?

yes no

Do you always make sure your partner has had an orgasm?
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